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How do I fund my wallet?

There are 2 ways to top up your wallet on Kudi;
  - Make payments into your unique Kudi Top-up Account (KTA) using USSD, mobile bank transfer or over-the-counter bank transfer.
  - Fund your wallet using your debit card.

To fund your Kudi Top-up account, kindly follow these easy steps:
  1. Click on the “Fund wallet” on the Home page
  2. Enter amount
  3. Select “Bank Transfer” as your payment method
  4. Select the bank you will be funding from the bank list
  5. Dial the USSD string generated
  6. Select Providus Bank from your bank’s USSD response
  7. Enter your USSD Transaction PIN to complete the transaction

To learn how to do an over-the-counter bank transfer into your KTA, click here.

To fund your Kudi wallet using your card, kindly follow these easy steps;
  1. Click on the “Fund wallet” on the Home page
  2. Enter amount
  3. Select “Card Payment” as your payment method
  4. Click on “Add a new card
  5. Provide your card details and proceed to pay the amount inputted
  6. An OTP will be sent to your phone, enter this OTP and continue.
  7. You might be redirected to your bank verification service, follow the command as instructed by your bank. If successful, you will be directed back to Kudi and payment will be processed.
  8. Once processed, the transaction will be complete.