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POS issues and resolution

Routing Error

Terminal has not been configured with correct routing group, ISW or NIBSS did not process the transaction. We will need to send the Terminal ID to the Bank for reactivation (This might take up to 48 hours).

Warning App Exception

This may occur due to poor network reception at agent location.Kindly change the SIM (Network) on the POS .

Empty Response

This may occur due to an error in network communication or the service provider of the POS terminal is down.
"Kindly initiate a key exchange on the POS terminal with this process:
* On the home screen press "Enter button"
* Select admin and input password (000000)
*Press 1(Log on)
*Press 1 (Trans log on)
*User ID (01)
*Password (0000)
*Watch it download all keys and setups till it shows (LOG ON SUCCESS)